Share your Family History Story with Others.

Dubbo Family History intends to run a bi-monthly gathering where we have two people give a short talk about their family research. This can cover any aspect such as exciting discoveries, where you found information, pictures from your research, or maybe problems you have overcome in your research.
Our first gathering will be celebrated with a morning tea, so come along and join us.  We do ask you put in a $2 donation towards refreshments, and we must have your RSVP for catering.
When: Friday, 19th February 2016 Time: 11am
Where: Family History Rooms, Wingewarra Street, Dubbo
 RSVP before 16th February to June Wilson 6882 5366 or 0417 690 495 or

Researching the death of ancestors who died in Dubbo

Following is a list of records available in our Family History rooms which may assist anyone searching for death information. Thank you to Jennifer Bruce for compiling this list of records for publication.

a) Index to Dubbo City Council Internment Records, which include date of burial, grave number and which funeral director conducted the burial
b) Church of England records ranging from February 1893 to December 1986
c) Methodist and Salvation Army records from 1893 to May 1980
d) Presbyterian records 1893- 1919 then from August 1921 to October 1986 (there are no entries for 1920)
e) Roman Catholic records from 1899 to December 1963 and then from March 1967 to May 1996.
f) Computer printout of records of the New Dubbo Cemetery, courtesy of Dubbo City Council from around 1967 up to 1997.
g) Shakespeare Burial Records (local funeral parlour) from 1932 until June 1992, these contain Record of Death and Order for Interment. Details which are included and if known were name of deceased, age, cause of death, usual residence, where born, mother’s maiden name, religion, time and date of funeral, grave number, if married, children of marriage and if deceased was in receipt of any pension. Also included are some random death notices from local papers (some in 1937 were noticed).
h) Volume 5 publication Dubbo Cemetery Records by Dubbo Family History Society published in 1987, which is a record of all headstones in the Old Dubbo Cemetery at that
time. Please note this is headstones only, and does not include burials for which there is no headstone
i) Card Index, a very large amount of cards which mainly include death notices from the local newspapers, but also include probate notices and birth notices, these are from around the mid 1980s up to date
j)There are also limited records for Dubbo General, Rawsonville, Dubbo Baptist, Chinese and Lutheran burials

Think Tank Group – Lost Someone? Can’t find them anywhere? Maybe we can help!

Don’t forget our Think Tank Group is up and running  again.  Our core group of June Wilson, Jenny Bruce, Jo Murphy and Robyn Allan would love to have other people join them in this morning gathering.  It is an opportunity to discuss your research with like-minded people, find out about how to use the various websites for family research, where to look if you hit a brick wall, and how to utilise the fantastic resources available in our rooms.  The group meets in the family history rooms on the first Wednesday of each month, at 10.00am.  The  meeting dates for next year are,  3rd February 2016, 9th March, 6th April, 4th May, 1st June, 3rd August, 7th September, 5th October, 2nd November and 7th December.  For more information contact Jo Murphy on 6882 9426 or June Wilson on 68825366,  email   

A society, formed in 1983, dedicated to providing resources and information for family and local historians researching people and places in the Dubbo (NSW) district.