Information session, monday 22nd July 2019

The information session for July will cover accessing historic mental health records from asylums in New South Wales. The first ‘lunatic asylum’ in NSW opened in 1811 followed by hospitals for the infirm and homes for the poor. Learn how to access historic NSW mental health records and the type of information you may expect to find. These records can be invaluable in putting to rest a long-held family secret, and understanding the life your ancestor was living or suffering through at the time. You will also lean how to interpret the terminology of the day. The session will be held in the Music Room at WPCC, from 11am-12noon. There are only 20 places available so you need to book if you wish to attend. The cost is $5 for members and $10 for non members. Please advise Linda Barnes on 6887 8284 or email to ensure your spot.