Our Vision & Mission

VISION – A world in which everyone has convenient, affordable access to records, finding aids, knowledge and skills necessary to conduct authoritative research into family history.

MISSION – To be a leading Society in the western region concerned with family history and genealogy and their associated disciplines.

To achieve this, we will:
• Provide suitable premises for members to spend time, both for research and educational purposes and as a meeting place to discuss shared interests
• Provide quality print, digital and other appropriate resources
• Support new members commencing their family history research
• Ensure members’ research experience is enjoyable
• Encourage members to ensure all research is sound and fully sourced
• Encourage and instruct members in using ethical principles and effective techniques of genealogical research
• Educate members in methods of sharing information and to respect the law of copyright and personal privacy
• Increase the availability of research material by undertaking projects for transcription, indexing and digitization with a focus on Dubbo and the western region
• Develop resources, offer workshops, newsletters, and events
• Organise presenters to visit and speak to members to expand their interest and knowledge
• Enter into cooperative and/or sharing relations with other societies with similar or related aims, and to cooperate with them in the promotion of our common interests

We undertake to provide quality resources and education to our members. In turn, we expect that our members pass on that knowledge to others and continue the aim of the founding members who established the Society in 1983.

Trustees of one of the largest collections of genealogical and historical resources outside of Sydney.