Code of Ethics

Dubbo & District Family History Society Inc and its members are conscious that collecting, collating and sharing information about people, living and deceased, is an essential element of family history.

Responsible family historians respect the law and the feelings of others and will always:

• Seek by all reasonably available means to inform themselves about the legal principles in force from time to time governing the protection of copyright and of personal privacy;
• Observe the legal rights of copyright owners, by copying or distributing any part of their works only with their permission, or to the extent allowed under the copyright law’s fair use provisions;
• Be sensitive to the hurt that revelations of criminal, immoral, bizarre or irresponsible behaviour may bring to family members;
• Obtain specific consent from living people that they are agreeable to further sharing of information about themselves;
• Inform people who provide information about their families of the ways it may be used, carefully recording and observing any conditions they may impose about the use of it; and,
• Recognize that legal rights of privacy may limit the extent to which information from publicly available sources may be further used, disseminated or published.
• That members and non-members recognise that all information collected by the group, not subject elsewhere to copyright, is Copyright to Dubbo & District Family History Society Inc. and no information is be used for any purpose ( except as legally allowed for personal and educational use) unless DDFHS gives its prior written consent to the intended use.

Adopted by resolution of the Committee on 12 March 2020

With thanks to The Australasian Federation of Family History Organisations Inc. and Bathurst Family History Group Inc. (2019)

Trustees of one of the largest collections of genealogical and historical resources outside of Sydney.