Privacy Policy

Dubbo & District Family History Society Inc. (DDFHS) is a not-for-profit organisation formed in 1983 as the Macquarie Family History Foundation with the aim of providing resources and information to promote family history research. It is operated by an elected Management Committee on behalf of its paid membership.

DDFHS respects the privacy of the individuals it deals with and aims to comply with the current law in Australia. Your privacy is extremely important to us. This Privacy Statement outlines the personal information that may be received and how it is used.

What Is Personal Information?
Personal information, on a living individual, is information about an identified individual or an individual who is reasonably identifiable. This may include:
• Name
• Home address and phone number
• Email address
• Research interests
• Communications between us
• Photographs

• DDFHS collects personal information when individuals apply for membership. This information is used for the purpose of administering the affairs of DDFHS and communicating with members. It may be disclosed for these purposes but any other disclosure will only be with the individual’s prior consent or as required by law.
• DDFHS will maintain reasonable physical, technical and procedural security safeguards to prevent unauthorised access, use, disclosure, loss or modification.
• Personal data will be kept up-to-date. Members may access their personal data to review content and accuracy and have it amended as appropriate.
• DDFHS does not and will not sell, rent or share our membership database or mailing list.
• DDFHS does not collect nor retain personal financial information as a result of payments to the Society.
Research Information
• As part of its business, DDFHS collects a range of personal data for and on behalf of its members for the purposes of family history research .DDFHS, its Committee and any volunteer working on behalf of the former will not knowingly pass on any information, collected in the course of family history research and publishing, to a third party without the consent of the primary client.
• DDFHS, its Committee and any employee/volunteer working on behalf of the former will not knowingly pass on any personal information collected from Internet submissions without the knowledge of the subscriber. However, it is pointed out that neither DDFHS, its Committee nor its volunteers can prevent the collection of personal data displayed on the web site by third parties. It is understood that anyone submitting material to the site does so in the full knowledge that such material may be collected by a third party without the permission of the submitter, or DDFHS, its Committee and its volunteers.
• It is pointed out that under the provisions of the current Australian legislation, privacy laws only apply to living persons.

Changes to Privacy Policy
This policy may be updated from time to time but any changes will not reduce the privacy protection set out above and will not affect information previously collected, unless required by law or otherwise beyond DDFFHS’s control eg technological changes..

Adopted by resolution of the Committee on 12 March 2020

With thanks to The Australasian Federation of Family History Organisation Inc (2019)

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