Second hand books for sale

Covid has allowed the society to tidy up our library with many books now going on our second hand book list for sale.  Some more titles which might be of interest are Gulgong in the Roaring Days. The history of the Prince of Wales Opera House, by Roma Wallis, $10+p, Cheques and Balances. Memories of a Banker by Bob White & Cecelia Clarke $15+p, They Stopped a while in Come-By-Chance by Helen Allerton and Lola Cormie, $30+p, The Berwickshire High School 1896-1996. A Centenary Recalled signed by author William Anderson, $20+p, What happened When. A Chronology of Australia from 1788 by Anthony Barker $15+p, Gulargambone Homes and Holdings $20+p,   Memories of Angledool by Jim Harper $10+p.  Check out the full list of second hand books in our rooms.