These Dubbo and District reference titles are held in our vast library.  Please feel free to visit or contact our Research Officer.




West Dubbo Bowling Club Celebrating 50


BAN.L 2159 DUB

The development of the West Dubbo Bowling
Club 1956 to 2006. Photos


Life at Dundullimal

McBurney, Yvonne

BAN.L 1043 DUB

A special history of the people who lived
at and owned "Dundullimal"


Dubbo at the turn of the Century 1818 -

Dormer, Marion

BAN.L (2) 0194 DUB

A history of Dubbo & districts
incl.villages,homesteads,people with photos


Tweedy Tales of Australia

Tweedy, Keith

BAN.L 0701 DUB

The Author's memories and stories in
Western NSW before the motor car


Extracts from the Daily Liberal


BAN.L 0720 DUB

Births, deaths & marriages 1894 to
approx. 1921



Holy Trinity Baptisms


BAN.L 0788 DUB

Alphabetical listing of date of birth &
baptism with reference nos. 1874 to 1968


Dubbo City Bowling Club 1904 - 1994

Bewglass, I T

BAN.L 0798 DUB

A summarised history of the club



Holy Trinity Dubbo

Wills, Ruth

BAN.L 0633 DUB

The history of the church from 1875 with



Dubbo Walkabout

Hornadge, Bill

BAN.L 1028 DUB

Anecdotes about Dubbo - some factual and
others not-so-factual


Centenary of Sisters of Mercy. St.
Patrick's Convent, Dubbo 1880 to 1980

BAN.L 0578 DUB

The history of education at the Convent and
the sisters who participated


Dubbo Post Office Part 1A 1864 - 1882


BAN.L 1058 DUB Pt.01A

Copies of correspondence relating to the
Post Office in Dubbo


Dubbo Post Office Part 1B 1864 - 1882


BAN.L 1058 DUB Pt. 1B

Correspondence and official papers relating
to the Post Office in Dubbo


Dubbo Post Office Part 2B 1882 - 1909


BAN.L 1058 DUB Pt. 02B

Correspondence and official papers relating
to the Post Office in Dubbo


Genealogical & Local History Sources
for Dubbo & District




Foley, Cynthia

BAN.L 1100 DUB

A guide to research sources for family
history in Dubbo and elsewhere


Photographic Souvenir of Dubbo 1849 - 1949


BAN.L 1109 DUB

Photographs of Dubbo up to 1949



Cemeteries Function Plan

Dubbo City Council

BAN.L 1124 DUB

A statement of objectives and plans for
Dubbo Cemeteries



World War I Dubbo NSW Enlistments


BAN.L 1144 DUB

Alphabetical listing of surnames, unit code
and Regiment



Dundullimal Dubbo


BAN.L 0865 DUB

Documents of the development, owners and
details of the homestead


Dubbo Public School - 130 Years of

Foley, Cynthia and



Fletcher J J

BAN.L 0453 DUB

History from establishment, photos, events,
staff & reminiscences


Dubbo Region - A National History, The

Dubbo Field Naturalists



& Cons. Society

BAN.L 1533 DUB

A series of papers on the natural history,
geology, flora etc. of the local environment

Dubbo Catholic Schools 1870 - 1987

Walkowaik, Marie

BAN.L 0157 DUB

Documents the development and staff -
photos of staff & students


Dubbo - City on the Plains 1901 - 1988

Dormer, Marion

BAN.L Vol.2 0194

A history of people, events, social and
economic influences. Photos


Village That Disappeared, A

Hickey, Betty

BAN.L 0223 DUB

The story of Beni from 1861. Agriculture,
school, church & recreation


Ventures in Faith - a History of the Dubbo

Stroud, Betty




BAN.L 0362 DUB

Documents from 1854, photos, details of
growth, youth groups


Hospital Hill - Dubbo Base Hosp. &
Services 1870 - 1988


BAN.L 0365 DUB

Background from mid 1860s, epidemics,
facilities staff etc



Old Dubbo Gaol

Hornadge, Bill

BAN.L 0680 DUB

The history & restoration, scandals,
murder & bushrangers



Dubbo, The City and its History

Hornadge, Bill

BAN.L 0367 DUB

An account of the origins of Dubbo to the
1880s, photos & sketches


Railway Institute Hall, Dubbo


BAN.L 1059 DUB

Papers & correspondence from 1929



Country Sketchbook of Dubbo & Districts

Dormer, Marion &



Parker, Alex

BAN.L 0455 DUB

Building sketches by Alex Parker and text
by Marion Dormer


Mayors and Aldermen of Dubbo


BAN.L 0369 DUB

Listed alphabetically with dates



Dubbo Pioneers

Graham, Andy

BAN.L 0517 DUB

A collection of notes about people &
places in Dubbo & west


Dubbo - The Story of Dubbo's Growth From
Village to



Town to City

Hornadge, Bill

BAN.L 0516 DUB

A history of Dubbo to 1972. Business,
recreation, transport - photos & sketches


Electoral Roll of the sub-division of Dubbo


BAN.L 0521 DUB

Part 1 - Dubbo, Part 2 - Dubbo West



Talbragar Shire - Registered Wheat Farms


BAN.L 0534 DUB

Alphabetical list of
names,property,Portion, Parish & County


Souvenir of Dubbo, NSW Australia


BAN.L 0576 DUB

Photos of Dubbo



Electoral Roll of the State Electoral
District of Dubbo 1978


BAN.L 0366 DUB

Includes Dubbo, Dubbo West, Narromine and



Drought and The Season, The


BAN.L Vol. 01 0013 DUB

Extracts from the Wellington Gazette re
Dubbo 1890s & 1910


Pioneer Biographies - Daily Liberal


BAN.L 1325 DUB

Copies & clippings from newspapers
(mostly Daily Liberal 1922)


Dubbo Museum Newspaper Research and


BAN.L 1197 DUB

An alphabetical listing of subjects



Dubbo Post Office Part 2A 1882 - 1909


BAN.L Pt. 02A 1058 DUB

Copies of correspondence & official



Dubbo Central Public School. Index to
Girls' School



Register of Admissions, Progress &


BAN.L Vol.3 1045 DUB

Alphabetical list of year & roll number
& fiche number 1900 to 1971


Yarns from the Talbragar Reserve

Riley, Michael

BAN.L 1553 DUB

Photos by Michael Riley and comments by



St, Brigids, Dubbo


BAN.L 1559 DUB

An account of the Church from its
beginnings in Dubbo



Record of the First 93 Years of the Hotels
in Dubbo

Graham, Andy

BAN.L 1591 DUB

Also covers Narromine, Cobborah and
Mendooran. Pubs, people and misc.


Dubbo RSL Jubilee 1922 - 1972. 50 Years of


BAN.L 1680 DUB

History of Dubbo RSL from 1922 to 1972



Old Dubbo


BAN.L Vol.01 0013 DUB

Extracts from Daily Liberal re the early
days of Dubbo



Dubbo Old Rifle Range Papers 1914 - 1923


BAN.L 1679 DUB

Correspondence relating to grazing rights
& closing of the range for the railway




BAN.L Vol.01 0013 DUB

Acts of Parliament relating to Dubbo
Saleyards, Dubbo Gas Co.,mortgage


and leasing of lands to Jean Emile Serisier



Occupiers of Some Streets of Dubbo


BAN.L Vol.01 0013 DUB

List of people living in some streets of
Dubbo with notes



Belarbigil School Post Town, Dubbo


BAN.L Vol.01 0013 DUB

Papers regarding Belarbigil School.
Includes names of parents


Dubbo Public School Index to Girl's School
1899 - 1971

McFarlane, Bill &



Turner, Gwen

BAN. 1828 DUB

List of students, parent/guardian,year,
roll number & fiche number


Register of Admissions, Progress &



Early Pioneers of Dubbo pre 1882


BAN.L 1829 DUB

Biographical details of pioneers & early
photos, Pioneer cemetery burials,


supplementary information on early pioneers



Dubbo Sketchbook

Hornadge, Bill &



Lawrence, Jon

BAN.L 2018 DUB

Sketches with text for Dubbo



Historic Buildings of Dubbo

Searl, Phillip &



Milling, Tonette

BAN.L 2090 DUB

Sketches of buildings in Dubbo with an
outline of its history





BAN.L Vol.01 0013 DUB

Dundullimal and its restoration



Dubbo Post Office - Index to Parts

Fletcher, Nancye &



Attenborough, Judy

BAN.L Index 1058 DUB

Names listed alphabetically for each part
with page numbers


Electoral Roll, State NSW. District of


BAN.L 1366 DUB

Includes full names and occupations



Dubbo Central Public School. Register of



Progress and Withdrawals

Robson. Keith

BAN.L Vol.01 1045 DUB

Index to Girls' School 1899 to 1922.
Records on fiche 11F1-11F5


Lists surname, given
name,parent/guardian,year, roll & fiche No.



Index to Dubbo Central Public School.
Register of Admissions,

McFarlane, Bill

BAN.L Vol.02 1405 DUB

Progress and Withdrawals



Index to Boys' School 1929 to 1971. Fiche
11F1 to 11F20



Story of Jinchilla, Dubbo

McBurney, Yvonne

BAN.L 1464 DUB

The development from a pine forest to art
gallery and restaurant


Talbragar Shire Index to Rate &

Robson. Keith

BAN.L 1472 DUB

Valuation Books 1911 - 1937



Full names showing years when rates were



Council of the Shire of Talbragar, The 1906
- 1980


BAN.L 1479 DUB

The history of the Shire



Dubbo Theatres and Public Halls


BAN.L 1623 DUB

Papers from State Records dealing with the
Century Theatre,


Newtown Progress Assn.,skating rink, Royal
Theatre & Showground Pavilion


Dubbo Sporting Greats 1871 - 1984


BAN.L 1654 DUB

Sports people of Dubbo with outline of
their careers



Miscellaneous Papers for Dubbo


BAN.L 1637 Vols.1&2 DUB

A variety of papers relating to events,
people, land, etc.



Catalogued separately by subject



Compiled History of Coboco District, A

Fisher, Pat et al

BAN.L 1657 DUB

The history of the properties in the Dubbo
district and their occupants


From Whylandra to West Dubbo. Scanning a
Century. A history



of the Anglican Church in West Dubbo

Whiteley. Dawn et al

BAN.L 1668 dub

A brief history 1899 to 1999



Dulhunty Papers - Chronical of a Family,

Dulhunty, Beryl

BB 1307

Family history and charts of the Dulhunty
family from Ireland to Dubbo


Pioneer Register Dubbo and Western Region

Meers, Athol

BB Vol.1 0077

Genealogical & biographical detail of
settlers to Dubbo & District 1815 - 1880


Pioneer Register Dubbo and Western Region

Harrison, Lyn

BB Vol.2 0077

Genealogical & biographical detail of
settlers to Dubbo & District 1815 - 1880


Grape Expectations. The Kurtz Family of
"Mount Olive"



Vineyard, Dubbo

Garnsey, Heather

BB 0522

The history of the Kurtz family in the
Dubbo area



Druitt Family History, The

Dulieu, Lorna Violet &



Druitt, Henry James

BB 0551

Family history of John Thomas Druitt 1836 -



Settlers Register Dubbo & Western
Region NSW 1881-1920

Meers, Athol

BB Vol. 1 0075

Genealogical & biographical detail of
settlers to Dubbo & District 1881 - 1920


Cemetery Records Dubbo 1987


BC Vol. 05 0326

Transcriptions with index for Dubbo



Dubbo (new - current use) Cemetery


BC 0654

Listed according to section and religion



Shakespeare Burial Records 1932 - 1992


BC 2128

Records of interments from Shakespeare
& Sons, undertakers Vols. 1 to 19


Monumental Inscriptions. A collection of
inscriptions of



surrounding areas


BC Index 0014

Index to miscellaneous cemetery &
headstone photos Vols, 1 & 2


New Dubbo Cemetery Plot Listings


BL Vol.02 1326

Plot listings for New Dubbo Cemetery,
religion, name, date etc


New Dubbo Cemetery Alphabetical List


BL Vol.01 1326

Alpha. list with religion,name, undertaker,
date & age



DDFHS Members Research Interests Directory
No. 2


BW 1996 No.2 0616

Members interests as submitted



DDFHS Members Interests Year 2000

Starr, Barbara

BW 2000 0616

Members interests as submitted



DDFHS Members' Research Interest Directory


BW 0616

Members interests as submitted



Dubbo & District Genealogy Research


BW 1984 0616

Members interests as submitted



DDFHS Members' Research Directory


BW 1996 No.1 0616

Members interests as submitted



Talbragar Shire Index to Rate Books 1911 -

Robson. Keith CDROM

DAN 0052

Talbragar Shire (now Dubbo City Council)
rate books



Dubbo City Council Sesqui-Centenary Parish
Map Viewer


DAN 0064

A range of maps 1881 -1957 of Dubbo &
nearby district



Dubbo Central School Register of
Admissions, Progress etc


MF 0011 F0001-20

Girls 1899-1968, Boys 1929-1991 names,
ages,home address



A Hundred Years of Public Education in
Dubbo 1858-1958


MF 0010 F0001

Dubbo Central, De La Salle Convent,
Technical College, Dubbo

McFarland & Griffith


High, Dubbo North, Dubbo South, Evening
College, & others



Publican's Licences Dubbo 17 Sep 1880


BAN 0573

In a supplement to Government Gazette



1886 Directory


BAL 0253 BAT

Some 1875-6 Post Office Directories are in
old Western



Connection Journals. Surname indexes held



Local Histories - People, Properties,
Hotels & other names


189F 1-21

Index published from books without index -
mainly Western area


Indexes to Western Connections Journals


BAN.L 2015 DUB

Includes properties, hotels, businesses
& schools, Auctioneers


licences 1882, Land Board applicants 1900



Land - Indexes to Registers of Depasturing


181F1 - 15

Index to Dubbo Maps

Stain, Geoff


Index in two folders on top of map drawers



1885 Parliamentary Returns of Landowners


88F 1-8

Trustees of one of the largest collections of genealogical and historical resources outside of Sydney.